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Can you additionally clear my shed, loft or garage?

Yes, we can certainly clear these spaces out, but only if these measures are requested at the outset and if our assessor is able to access these spaces and can take note of what they contain. Otherwise, spaces like these will be left untouched by the clearance team that is dispatched. If these spaces are added to the clearance on the day of service, an additional charge may be applied.

How long does it take to complete a clearance?

The length of these projects is dependent upon property sizes and the amount of clutter that must be cleared. Some clearances take just a few hours while others have taken up to five days.

Is it possible to have my property cleared in the evening or on the weekend?


What steps are taken if something of monetary or sentimental value is found?

When we find something of monetary value or items that we believe to have sentimental value, we will put these items to the side so that you can look at them and advise us on which actions to take. At the very outset of our clearance efforts, we will inquire whether or not there are any items that you think we should look out for. We also ask that you advise our assessor during there visit, even if you only want us to put any old photographs that we find to the side. We are always happy to help.

Which items will be recycled?

We make every effort to re-use, re-purpose or recycle as many items as possible. Our goal is to re-use or recycle up to 80% from all of our clearances whenever possible.

Will everything be cleared?

A1. There are certain items that we are unable to clear such as asbestos, paint, toxic substances, chemicals and automotive fluids. These items will need to be collected and properly disposed of by specialty companies given the related environmental and health risks. Our team will set these things aside and advise you to reach out to your local council concerning their disposal.

A2. We are able to clear all other items including garden equipment, motorcycles, cars, cookers, washing machines, carpets, refrigerators, window treatments and more.

Will you purchase any items of value or use these to offset my clearance costs?

Yes, we are always willing to negotiate concerning items of value. This is something that you should ask our assessor about during there visit.